GSA Priorities

Short Term:
• Affordable, convenient parking/transportation
          o Reduced MARTA cards?
          o Does Tech have a better deal?
          o Subsidized parking passes?
• Outreach to Entire Graduate Community
          o Seek out and maintain strong relationships with all graduate programs on campus.
          o Make sure to have ambassadors from all departments.
          o Completely redo the GSA website and establish Facebook and Twitter accounts for social outreach and information.
          o Create an informational database along with our new website
          o Expand our listserv dramatically!
• GSA Expansion
          o Create new officer position devoted to website and social media outreach.
• GSA Archives
          o Find and consolidate all documents related to GSA, find old officer lists, and create an archived website page devoted to archivedevents, data, and officer lists.
• Create a website that is able to be updated regularly and maintained by the new officer.
• Try to get invites for GSA officers to faculty events/mixers/etc.

Medium Term:
• Graduate Student Research Support
          o Create competitive travel funding for presentation of research first.
          o If possible, create competitive funding for research as well.
          o Create a small fee added to each student’s fees, or seek out a donor or set of donors to set up a well-funded account.
          o Continue working with library staff to make sure the master plan fits the needs of graduate students, including proper access to journals and databases.
• Student-Faculty relations
          o How can students petition unfair treatment?
          o Is there a faculty code of conduct between advisor/advisee?
          o How is it implemented? Who is checking?
• Health insurance
          o Providing better coverage by switching from United Healthcare to Blue Cross Blue Shield?
▪ Georgia Tech students pay the same amount of premium but they get more coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield covers vision and dental coverage as well which is not covered at all by current United Healthcare insurance.
          o Subsidizing healthcare cost by University by providing allowance to graduate students.
▪ Other universities pay for this immediately with full funding packages (University of Tennessee)
• Parental Leave policies
          o Create a good practices document that can be disseminated throughout campus departments and graduate programs.
• Mental Health Services
          o Do we have devoted graduate student assistance?

Long Term:
• Stipends
          o Provide guidelines on stipends offered by the institution and set a minimum stipend for graduate research and teaching assistants across the Institute regardless of students’ field of study and clearly describe processes and responsibilities for setting stipends at or above the minimum. Right now Georgia Tech and UGA have such guidelines.
▪ Establish equity across the campus.
          o The policies and guidelines should be updated regularly and be accessible through GSU website to current and prospective students.
• Housing for incoming graduate students
          o Providing information on where to find/rent affordable apartment or room. Since GSU housing has a very limited space.
          o Unlike some institutions (G-Tech, UF, etc.), GSU doesn’t own apartment complexes to offer to graduate students. (Maybe, leasing a multifamily complex and  prenting it out to incoming graduate students could be an option?)
          o In long-term, constructing apartment complexes for graduate students preferably accessible to public transport.